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247CSO is an independent technical specialist risk consulting firm that helps organisations to ASSESS, DESIGN, ACHIEVE and MANAGE Smart Security Solutions at no consultation fee. Combining unequalled expertise, experience and reach with the power of risk data and technology, we provide the insight and intelligence needed to secure what matters only. We offer balanced solutions to physical, technical and operational security challenges

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Security risk and cost Saver!

Don’t be overwhelmed figuring the resources and ways out of your Security Risks or Needs. Connect and engage 247CSO at no cost to setup the most efficient, integrated, reliable, sustainable, intelligent and cost-saving security architecture that meet today’s threats and tomorrow’s trends.

Based on time-tested best practices as well as real-world experience, our holistic data-driven approach to security risk advisory reflects integrated framework for stronger mitigation measures’ implementation. We specialize in designing scalable, resilient and compliant security blueprints that advance the design objectives and operational requirements of the security project.

As your 24/7 CSO, we help you to SMILE at your security risk


To be an integral part of enterprise risk
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How we work


In the lifecycle of every major project — once the scope, function and parameters of the vision have been translated into more concrete form — the client confronts an increasingly time-sensitive need to identify the vendors best suited implement fit-for-purpose security systems. That’s a challenge if the client doesn’t have resources who are technically experienced to both drive the development and implementation efficiently.

No hassle of being at the mercy of installers or IT team, again!!

  1. Supervise project implementation and commissioning.

  2. Manage a comprehensive RFP in coordination with your various legal, compliance and detailed bill of quantities (BOQ).

  3. Identity the right and perfect security design requirements

  4. Land a comprehensive security system design, including plan drawings, detailed connectivity diagrams and technical specifications that match the architect’s submittal package

  5. Evaluate RFP responses and assist to negotiate contract terms with designated vendors.


Why Choose Us

1. Using AI-Supported Decision Making System

We are committed to the strong use of a model-based software tool called Sit-SECURE to identify your protection needs, analyse possible threats and calculate the resulting risks.

Sit-SECURE is a state-of-the-art AI platform for Threat Analysis and Risk Assessment (often referred to as TARA) as defined by defined by ISO/SAE 21434.   Many different risk assessment methods have been described by both academia and industry, and most (if not all) of them can be realized with Security Analyst. It is important that the adopted method scales with the status of the development process so that secure system design is possible right from the start (Security by Design) but can also be applied for existing and detailed systems. This is less difficult if a clear separation of impact assessment and threat assessment is achieved

Based on the Sit-SECURE risk algorithm, it is possible to calculate how security goals might be threatened.

Why Choose Us
2. Reducing Risks with SMART Controls

Reviewing the existing systems, the knowledge of the risks levels allows you to identify unacceptable risks. The unacceptable risks are those with a high Damage Potential and low Estimated Attack Effort.

In order to make informed risk treatment decisions, security analysts need to find good controls that reduce the damage potential (such as an insurance-based alarms that reduces financial damage) or increase the required attack effort (such as barriers fortification).

3. Partnering with Global Technical Experts

We work with the foreign tech partners to build solutions such as applications, integrations, and plugins. 

Who we are


YourCSO247 is a provider of most affordable and reliable SMART Security Solutions in the World